Blue Sound offers audio dubbing and voice-over services in Romanian and Hungarian for motion pictures, cartoons, TV series, documentaries, advertisements and online video materials. We also cater for segments such as video games, e-Learning platforms, corporate presentations, commodity presentation, and educational materials.

Blue Sound manages a permanently updated voice database in Romanian and Hungarian, which comprises local voices that have the advantage of being able to be used as soon as possible in case some smaller scale or short-term projects should occur. With wide scope projects that entail a longer time interval, we have the possibility of extending our database in order to give our clients a choice as to the voices they deem appropriate for the project. All those included in our database are either actors, or vastly experienced radio broadcasters.

Along our activity, we have built up a team which never fails to accomodate any new circumstances, consequently succeeding in providing our clients with integrated solutions varying from translating and adapting original scripts to selecting voices according to the project requirements, artistic direction, recording, editing, mixing and post-production.


Audio Services


Blue Sound Ltd is a company located in the northwest of Romania offering integrated audio-video production for both romanian and international companies. The Blue Sound team consists of highly qualified specialists for each segment of activity, using the latest specific techniques and technologies, offering unique and effective business solutions in accordance with the market demands.

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